Q4 2021 | U.S. Life Science Market Report

by | 14 February 2022

Record Venture Capital Funding is Driving Breakthrough Discoveries and Need for Space

Venture capital funding (VC) continues to pour into early-mid- and late-stage companies at a historic pace. National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding is set to grow in fiscal year 2022, IPO numbers have never been higher, and big pharma is investing in promising therapies, further fueling the fire. As a result, VC fundraising and the cycle of investment have soared, while the need for these companies to scale will continue. The nation’s leading life science hubs and growing clusters have been the main beneficiaries attracting tremendous deal flow.

This report will provide an overview of the major life science clusters across the U.S. Their size and scale vary. The definition of life science as an industry and its spaces is still relatively loose. In the well-established market clusters that definition is clear, but in emerging markets, definitions of life science, healthcare, and health tech are somewhat ambiguous. This allows for industry specialization, and eventually these nuances could lead to competitive advantages in certain types of science and discovery.

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