Disruption 2020: Greater Boston’s IPO Activity

by | 15 September 2020

Despite the economic impact of COVID-19 in 2020, this has been a record year for IPOin greater Boston, an incubator of tech and life science companies. Nineteen filed for IPOs and proceeded to go public in the first eight months of the year. Companies in greater Boston, a hotbed of life science research and its epicenter worldwide, have continued to work toward solving our most pressing health challenges, including research into COVID-19. The area continues to produce successful companies as it also remains a leader in education and highly skilled talent.  

  • 2020 has seen $3.86 billion raised in IPOs thus far, already the highest singleyear amount on record. 
  • Of the 19 IPOs this year, almost all  14  are for biotech or life science companies. 
  • Boston IPOs have outpaced those in both the Bay Area ($2.55 billion) and Greater Chicago ($1.24 billion) in 2020, though New York ($9.39 billion) remains far ahead. 
  • IPO funding runs parallel to the record year for VC funding in Greater Boston; together totaling of over $10 billion raised since January. 
  • Cambridge continues to produce public companies, with nine going public; also, six headquartered in Boston and four in the suburbs went public. 
  • Of the four suburban companies to go public, three are biotechs in the Life Sci-angle, the triangle between Cambridge, Lexington, and Waltham, the epicenter of the Greater Boston life science market.