Celebrating Women of Influence: Julie Johnson

by | 01 August 2019

Following Real Estate Forum’s 2019 Women of Influence issue, this series follows up with Colliers’ female honorees, who discuss mentorship, how CRE has changed for women over the years, what it means to be a woman of influence and more.

What does being recognized as a woman of influence (WOI) mean to you? ​

It’s very exciting and meaningful and truly a great honor to be recognized as a CRE Woman of Influence, especially in the Mentor category. I really enjoy working with talented, enthusiastic people in the commercial real estate world to help answer any of their questions, make introductions, share ideas and leverage any experience and contacts I can to help them not only grow, but grow faster on their successful career and life journey

Did you have a mentor that greatly influenced your personal and professional development?

​I didn’t have a specific mentor, but a lot of people who I had worked with in previous careers gave me an abundance of success tips for business and life. I also read a great deal of success books and attended seminars that motivated me to be the best I could be, which gave me ideas for creating unique and better opportunities for my clients.

What unique attributes do you think women bring to the commercial real estate industry?

There are so many! The first that come to mind are intelligence, focus, grace, patience, creativity and determination.

As a woman in CRE, how have you seen things change for women in the industry over the years? ​

There are so many more opportunities today. The “good ‘ol boy network” has changed to open up opportunities for all, so that more people can reach their highest potential, winning business and overall being successful.

What can women do to uplift other women in the industry? ​

Women should support each other through referrals, guidance, kind words and praise and give suggestions and feedback when it’s needed.

What’s next for you in your career?

​I want to continue in brokerage but add in more mentoring opportunities. I’m involved with the ULI WLI mentor group and the NAIOP mentor group here in Phoenix, and am also involved in a couple nonprofit boards in Phoenix, such as The Board of Friends of Public Radio Arizona and Social Venture Partners Arizona. When I see an opportunity to help an individual or a group I feel passionate about, it’s a privilege to be able to turn some of my success into significance for someone else.

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