Celebrating Women of Influence: Mika Mattingly

by | 04 September 2019

Following Real Estate Forum’s 2019 Women of Influence issue, this series follows up with Colliers’ female honorees, who discuss mentorship, how CRE has changed for women over the years, what it means to be a woman of influence and more.

What does being recognized as a woman of influence (WOI) mean to you? ​

It’s an honor to be recognized amongst my peers that are real power players in the industry, who have achieved so many accomplishments. I’ve only been in the industry since 2008 and it’s rewarding to be included alongside them.

Did you have a mentor that greatly influenced your personal and professional development?

Not really. I was very hands on in my own career, but mentoring others is something that has been on my mind. I think mentoring should be incorporated more, especially with the younger generation of women who are looking to get involved in commercial real estate. I enjoy mentoring female brokers who are looking to launch their careers. Together we develop strategies and involve them early on by including them in meetings and having a support system for them to be successful in this industry.

What unique attributes do you think women bring to the commercial real estate industry?

Women bring so many unique attributes and dynamic perspectives to this industry. We’re laser-focused on getting the job done. Tenacity, perseverance and the ability to rise above any situation and find solutions are some of the many qualities that women bring to commercial real estate.

As a woman in CRE, how have you seen things change for women in the industry over the years? ​

Since I started my career, I know the same women as I started. It’s still a very male-dominated industry, so it’s nice to see women pave a path across the board, whether in construction or CRE. We should continue to keep inspiring each other as women in this industry, so that we can continue to see positive change.

What can women do to uplift other women in the industry? ​

Being a woman in the industry is an asset. By understanding that we’re an asset and believing in our capabilities, we have to constantly be proactive and always strive to work twice as hard and twice as fast. Women should encourage each other to continue reaching our fullest potential as women in CRE.

What’s next for you in your career?

My passion is closing deals and finding the next best neighborhood, which is how I started my career and changed the Downtown Miami landscape. The Downtown Miami neighborhood is an ever-changing area that keeps giving. I like to have my boots on the ground on the street, working with some of the brightest minds in real estate and development to close transformative deals, while always keeping an eye out for the next best untapped areas that can be transformed!

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