Celebrating Women of Influence: Tracey Johnson

by | 27 August 2019

Following Real Estate Forum’s 2019 Women of Influence issue, this series follows up with Colliers’ female honorees, who discuss mentorship, how CRE has changed for women over the years, what it means to be a woman of influence and more.

What does being recognized as a woman of influence (WOI) mean to you? ​

It was such an honor to be recognized as a woman of influence — and to be in the company of such great women.

Did you have a mentor that greatly influenced your personal and professional development?

I was fortunate to have a great mentor very early on in my career. She was actually the asset manager for the property that I managed. Now an executive with Shorenstein, she would take time out of her very busy day to teach me important things like evaluating lease deals. Additionally, I have had great examples here at Colliers, like Karen Whitt and Anjee Solanki.

What unique attributes do you think women bring to the commercial real estate industry?

I think women have a number of valuable attributes that are assets to the industry. Most importantly, women have a nurturing side by nature, which helps when it comes to leading teams.

As a woman in CRE, how have you seen things change for women in the industry over the years? ​

When I started in the commercial real estate industry in the early 90’s, there was only one female broker in Sacramento. Now there are many women in the industry, and Sacramento’s #1 office broker in 2018 was a woman. Additionally, even though property management is dominated by women, the upper management positions used to be held by men. Today, that has changed to include many women in leadership positions as well.

What can women do to uplift other women in the industry? ​

It’s important to share your knowledge and take the time to teach. The workplace can be very competitive, and often times people mistreat a peer that they feel does not have all the skills to get the job done. Instead of tearing that person down, see what you can do to help and lift them up instead.

What’s next for you in your career?

As I’m in the last quarter of my career, I don’t have any big or new career aspirations. However, my goal is to continue to learn, continue to stay current and continue to contribute to Colliers’ success.

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