Celebrating Women’s History Month: Susie Viehmann

by | 05 March 2019

This Q&A series celebrates Women’s History Month and the dynamic and inspiring women of Colliers, who discuss advice, accomplishments, the importance of inclusivity and more.

What advice would you give to women new to the commercial real estate industry?

Be a sponge, commit the time and money to be a professional, seek out and nurture business friendships with diverse individuals who energize you and be an advocate of others.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Over the course of my career, my proudest accomplishment has been establishing a wonderful “quilt” of allies & friends. It is motivating and reassuring to have a go-to group that I can count on, feed off of and learn from. Additionally, I’ve also raised two 20-something children that make me proud—and I often wonder why I wasn’t more like them when I was in my 20’s!

Who is a woman you greatly admire and why?

Any single self-supporting mother who holds it all together—puts food on the table, gets the kids to school, practices and other commitments, keeps up with the laundry, pays the bills and serves as a strong role model. It wears me out to even type that all!

How have you helped to foster an inclusive environment here at Colliers?

By encouraging us all to be aware and considerate of others’ pain points and challenges.

What inspires you?

Any story where someone has prevailed over what seems like unsurmountable problems.  How did they find the strength?! It’s humbling and motivating. I’m also inspired by truly fresh “wow-like” creative approaches that set a new standard. The new Apple iPhone XR Color Flood commercial…I can’t watch that enough!

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