Celebrating Women’s History Month: Terese Reiling-Holden

by | 21 March 2019

This Q&A series celebrates Women’s History Month and the dynamic and inspiring women of Colliers, who discuss advice, accomplishments, the importance of inclusivity and more.

What advice would you give to women new to the commercial real estate industry?

Don’t be timid to seek out and ask for mentorship, pursue top performers you admire and realize no one knows how to do everything (even after years in the industry…I’m just not afraid to ask these days!) I actually admire when people show vulnerability in asking what they don’t know to learn and serve clients better. Your learning curve will be shorter and much more efficient with mentors in all areas of your life. Plus, then you can pay it forward in the future when you are asked by a newer person in the industry because you’ll realize how beneficial this was to your career.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Becoming confident as a female commercial broker, and working in a style that is in alignment with my authentic self. 25 years ago, you could count the number of women brokers in the industry on one hand. For many years, I felt like I needed to network and build relationships “like the guys.” Now I believe that everyone brings a unique style to the table—which in a teamwork environment, builds a strong team in serving clients.

Who is a woman you greatly admire and why?

Gosh, there are so many. But one main characteristic I really admire in other women are the change makers who take risks and go out on a limb, even though they aren’t 100% sure things will work out; that they can’t guarantee their idea has merit or they aren’t completely confident in what they are doing when pursuing making a difference in our world and for others.

How have you helped to foster an inclusive environment here at Colliers?

I’ve always put myself out there as a resource to our Minneapolis division as a mentorship opportunity. I’m proud to have been part of co-founding, and chairing for 7 years, our MN Women’s Opportunity Network within this Colliers’ division. Our goal was to build relationships between the various divisions of the company, create leadership opportunities, foster mentorship and networking connections and put on educational and career building events for our Minneapolis group.

What inspires you?

My faith, to make a difference in the world through small things, my desire to exceed my clients’ expectations, to have fun, to enjoy my relationships with others and to use each day as a gift.

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