Colliers’ Occupier Services: Accelerating Success, Globally

by | 19 August 2019

Earlier this month, Colliers announced the appointment of Scott Nelson to CEO, Occupier Services | Global, a new role created in alignment with Colliers’ focus on optimizing the Occupier Services platform to better serve our clients on a global scale. Colliers’ Occupier Services is a real estate solutions platform that examines the dynamics of an industry, business and market to align a real estate solution with a clients’ business objectives. Our experts serve occupiers and apply specialized knowledge and agile service offerings to ensure clients realize a competitive advantage.

With global leadership and focus, how do these changes benefit both our clients and our professionals alike?

Aligning with our Clients’ Models

One of the benefits that a global Occupier Services platform brings is the alignment it creates with our clients’ operating models, which are becoming increasingly more global. “Having a global platform to mirror our clients’ global models allows us to mirror their structure and serve them better,” says Nelson. “We are advancing to ensure even more accountability in order to deliver consistent, excellent service, giving us the ability to leverage our expertise and resources wherever our clients can benefit from them.”

Leveraging More Efficiencies

Another client-centric benefit that results from an enhanced global platform is the ability to leverage even more efficiencies across the business, so that Colliers can provide the most nimble delivery across multiple markets. “This benefit brings us right back to what the importance of the client experience is,” says Nelson. “Our culture is about speed, responsiveness, removing red-tape and being enterprising. An efficient platform enables us to get things done and still ensure the best regional and local delivery on the ground.”

Expanding Client Relationships

How does a strengthened global Occupier Services platform also benefit Colliers’ professionals? For one, it ensures that our professionals can maximize their opportunities to expand existing client relationships, as well as being able to grow new ones. “We took a close look at how we serve clients and also do business development, and we saw that there was a real opportunity to enhance our professionals’ abilities to do more multi-market business,” says Nelson.

Service Excellence

Colliers has also created a new function of the Occupier Services business called Service Excellence, which is tasked with ensuring that Colliers is at the forefront of our industry for driving results and setting a standard of service excellence for our clients. On the creation of this new Service Excellence function, Nelson adds: “Colliers is ensuring that we’re delivering the best, most proactive advice — that we’re pushing our clients to think differently and be innovative. We’re seeing that we can accomplish this most effectively by building focus in this area and making sure it is accessible globally.”  Chris Zlocki has been promoted and named Executive Vice President, Head of Service Excellence, Occupier Services | Global.


As one of the other key initial moves, Colliers has created a global Operations leadership role, by promoting Alicia Fritter, who has been named Senior Vice President, Head of Operations, Occupier Services | Global. “In order to put key building blocks in place and ensure we maximize our collaboration across borders, leverage access to global data and create consistency in certain functions to increase efficiency and business intelligence for our people, we are enhancing our capability to serve internal customers and stakeholders as well.”

As Colliers’ continues to focus on maximizing the potential of property on a global scale, it will also enable us to bring even more consistency, increase collaboration and optimize our global relationships to accelerate success for both our clients and our people around the globe — now and in the future.