How to Put On a Successful Property Tour

by | 23 November 2015

Commercial real estate brokers facilitate property tours; it’s a large part of the job description. When you take clients on tours all the time, it’s easy to get stuck in your ways. It’s important to stay on top of your tour game; it’s a chance to showcase knowledge and impress clients. Here are five helpful tips to help you and your clients get the most out of your next property tour.

Make a Tour Book
Don’t just print out a Co-Star survey. Gain some style points by creating a book that looks great, informs the client and sells your brand. It should be easy to read and something that your client will want to keep on their desk. Make sure that you go the extra mile on your tour book!

Be a Chauffeur
More often than not, you are going to pick up your client and to drive them around the market. When you do, make sure your vehicle is clean and presentable. Find out ahead of time how many people will be joining you—that way you know whether or not you’ll be taking your sedan or your spouse’s SUV (or renting a car if that’s what it takes). Don’t be frugal either. If you’re really trying to impress them, throw a couple of snacks or bottles of water in the car and make sure your client knows that it’s for them. Lastly—and pay attention here—it’s not a crime to get your car washed before you pick up your client. The last thing they want to see pull up is a messy or dirty car. You don’t need the chauffeur hat, but put on your best suit and tie. First impressions matter!

Know the Route
If you know you’ll be looking at buildings you’re unfamiliar with in an area you don’t know well, take a pre-tour the day before. Learn the roads and shortcuts. You’ll gain extra points if you teach them a new way to reach their new property, and your client will be impressed that you know the area so well.

Keep Contact
Have all the pertinent contact information for all the people you’ll be meeting with. No matter how well-organized you are, delays and other unforeseen circumstances can be unavoidable. When you keep in touch and keep everyone informed, it reflects positively on you.

Follow Up
Before you drop your client back off at their office, make sure you ask them how they would like for you to follow up. Whatever they tell you, make sure you do it. If they ask you to follow up in a week then schedule in advance to call them in a week. Your clients are busy people and it’s easy for them to put real estate on the back burner. If you keep them engaged then you’ll have a better chance of making a deal.

There aren’t many face–to-face interactions with your clients. Aside from your initial meeting, a few tours and maybe a few space planning meetings, most of the deal making is facilitated via emails and phone calls. It’s crucial to make the most of the time you spend looking your clients in the eye.

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