Largest Hotels in the World

by | 03 September 2014

When it comes to lodging, sometimes you just gotta go big.

Believe it or not, boutique hotels aren’t for everyone. Some consumers actually prefer larger accommodations that can offer a wide array of amenities. Visitors who don’t mind spending their stay with thousands of fellow guests get far more than a small hotel could offer without ever having to leave the property.

If it’s gargantuan hotels you desire, look no further than this list of the 10 largest hotels in the world from Elaine Misonzhnik at National Real Estate Investor. The properties on this list were ranked according to room count and was compiled by STR and STR Global, who specialize in the hotel industry.

Not surprisingly, Las Vegas properties feature prominently in the roll call of the world’s largest hotels. Check out the top 10 list and see how many you’ve visited yourself.

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