Seize a Sales Career in CRE

by | 13 April 2018

Taking a persuasive approach and having a career in sales are two entirely different things. But if you have the drive to succeed in sales and need the right opportunity to showcase your skills, consider applying your industry knowledge and sales expertise to a career in commercial real estate. Our sales advisors do the same – they just do it on a bigger scale with local, national and international business leaders. And with a bigger scope and bigger risk, the monetary reward is incredible.

Intrigued but not sure if you can make the jump? Here are some reasons for you to consider a sales career in commercial real estate:

Every day is a new day
You may outline your to-do list the night before but then you get an urgent phone call, your prospect finally asks for a meeting, or another client needs some advice. In sales, every day is different so it never gets boring.  Every customer interaction is a new opportunity to understand their needs and how you can help them be more successful. It takes creative thinking to continually win business, whether it’s trying to re-engage a current client or win over a new prospect.

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You’ll help leaders and their business flourish
Your customers will have different needs and you get to be the expert who helps address all of them. At Colliers, successful advisors aren’t focused on the building; they work with business owners and senior leaders to find out how to improve employee satisfaction, how to increase productivity, and how to grow and expand their reach. Once you understand these needs, you get to present the right property solutions to help them fill in the gaps.

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You’ll meet great people and grow your network
In sales, you’ll have the opportunity to work with senior leaders, business owners and decision-makers from various industries and backgrounds. You’ll learn about their business needs and partner with them to develop effective solutions. As you meet more people, you’ll not only build a strong referral network, you’ll also be able to connect them to one another. And that’s where magic happens: as you become a trusted partner, you actually stop selling and start networking and helping people. And your network will take care of you in the form of referrals and additional business.

Your income is up to you
Your hustling and hard work to win the sale has a big payoff for you – money. Your results speak for themselves. Instead of having a manager dictate how much you should make per hour or per year, you get to decide and go for it. Commercial real estate sales are structured to reward and recognize you for every aspect of your work. It’s a pretty simple formula: when you land that big deal or a new client, get the appropriate reward for your hard work.

A career as a commercial real estate advisor can be challenging and fulfilling. Most of our successful advisors work really hard, have fun at their job – and get paid well. And you won’t be alone: you’ll be able to access award-winning marketing support, a comprehensive client relationship system, and industry-leading courses and programs to round out your skills and experience. In return, you’ll have the opportunity to work with senior leaders on business solutions and reach your own income potential.