Work Perks to Die For

by | 08 September 2014

Think you’ve got pretty great work perks? Well, how about a house cleaning on the company’s dime? You’re going to be amazed at how some organizations go the extra mile to make their workers’ lives easier and less costly.

Happy employees make for productive workers. That’s just one of the reasons why many organizations offer their employees benefits beyond the typical medical and dental plan fare. Getting to wear jeans on Fridays, for instance, or enjoying an occasional paid lunch can help to motivate teams over the long haul.

But some companies are taking perks to the next level by offering services that help to save employees thousands of dollars a year. And we’re not talking free T-shirts here, folks.

Check out “Six of the Most Envy-Worthy Company Perks” from Fast Company and see how good some workers have it.