Colliers Insight
Aaron Jodka

Colliers Capital Markets recently launched its fourth annual Global Investor Outlook report, which examines investor sentiment, strategies, and scenarios that will set the stage for the 2024 global real estate markets. Here are some of the key takeaways for the U.S. region.

Investors are seeking clarity on interest rates and are wary of increasing capital expenditures.

Investors are concerned about waves of new product in multifamily, industrial, and life sciences. The risk of recession is also on their minds.

There’s an abundance of idle capital.

Pricing has adjusted more rapidly in the U.S. than in many other global markets, making it attractive to international capital.

Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York rank as the top three locations for investment opportunities.

Distress will force more assets to be put up for sale, driving a flurry of deals.

Industrial, multifamily, and office rank as the top three sectors for 2024. Risk capital will look to take advantage of the office market dislocation.

Multifamily and industrial sectors are expected to lead sales, office presents unique buying opportunities, and portfolios are under-allocated to retail and hospitality.

Data centers stand out as an attractive alternative asset class, given a lack of available space and artificial intelligence’s growth.

A superior level of individual market-based due diligence and asset-level performance will become more important than in recent years.