The health and wellness industry represents more than $4 trillion in revenue worldwide. With the recent inclusion of CBD-related products, the beauty category has the potential to accelerate its growth to $25 billion over the next decade, accounting for up to 15% of the skincare market.

Trend or Lifestyle?

As we highlighted in our Summer 2019 Retail Spotlight Report, “The Fountain of Wellness in Healthcare,” views on cannabis and CBD have changed dramatically over the last decade. This broader acceptance has paved the way for a handful of CBD brands to disrupt the beauty category. One such company is Green Growth Brands, which is one of the more aggressive players to enter the marketplace. With more than 50 locations of their Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy brand, now available in 41 states, Green Growth Brands represent an 80% market share in American shopping malls — a remarkable feat considering this is their first year of business.

Green Growth Brands joins a tribe of emerging CBD retailers intent on bringing cannabis byproducts to the masses, one audience segment at a time. Below is our list of CBD retailers to watch:

As we shared in our report, one of the major consumer concerns is how to identify trustworthy purchasing outlets to obtain CBD products. Retailers who partner with brands to inform and engage consumers on the medicinal benefits of CBD as a healing agent are sure to capitalize on its future success. As retail continues to innovate on its ever-changing journey, consumers are opening up to the idea of welcoming CBD as the latest lifestyle trend. An educated consumer is the best consumer, and the more they know the more likely consumers will shop in-store and online.

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