Are you a self-proclaimed data geek? If you answered yes, you won’t want to miss out on our latest podcast on decoding retail data. We have a very special guest, Gregg Katz, Vice President of Real Estate Strategy at Creditntell. He oversees the retail advisory platform and is  focused on market dynamics trends and consumer shopping behaviors. In this episode, we ask Gregg, once you have the data, how do you put it into actionable next steps and what should you focus on during the first client meeting?

Understanding the roles of retailers, landlords and brokers is critical and this is what allows you to connect and better understand both sides of the equation and gives you the ability to answer specific needs. You also need to let the client guide the conversation – we get tied up in the transaction or showing off our tool’s capabilities and we forget what’s more important: the client’s needs!

Gregg also reveals a data challenge he had and how not only he overcame the obstacle but came up with a successful solution for the client.

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