The New Year is coming, and with shoppers leaping over significant purchasing hurdles to celebrate the holiday season, one question arises: what changes will 2022 bring to Retail, globally? Dynamic international influences are determining the answer. To share what we can expect, Moderator Anjee Solanki, National Director, Head of Retail in the United States, presents four Colliers experts from the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Colliers’ Global Retail Outlook webinar brings together these industry-leading retail experts to clarify what’s going on in their countries. The similarities. The differences. And where culture plays a role.

Will Amazon Fresh go stale? Amazon’s aggressive growth strategies make for some interesting global updates. The online retail titan is opening physical grocery stores in local markets around the world — but what’s really in it for them? Curiously, it’s not about the price of pickles. Peter Flint, Director and Head of Brand Representation in the UK, fills us in on what Amazon really wants to sell.

In fact, if you have never heard of the Amazon Effect, the experts explain how this massive platform is affecting the retail sector, globally. Prepare to be surprised. Michael Bate, National Director, Head of Retail for Australia, divulges why they call it Amagone in the Land Down Under.

But Amazon may have found other options. Mexico’s Ricardo Sanchez, Director of Retail, spells out how his nation is feeling the Amazon Effect. As the country’s top retailer online, can this online retail giant crush their competition? Our expert says which other two companies are competing for online dominance in Mexico and beyond.

Speaking of sunny Mexico, are Canadian snowbirds missing the Mexican Riviera? Learn what’s going on with Mexico’s tourism industry and hear about the turnaround that’s hitting the runway soon. Meanwhile, Escape Spending sounds like a cruise ship full of fun, but what happened when they couldn’t leave town? COVID-19 provided a surprise benefit to Australian retail.

And in London, which sector’s having the most fun, now? Leisure, of course! Catch the latest on why Londoners are immersing themselves in the experience.

The experts chime in on why it’s okay to stay home. Brand new mixed-use centers are changing the local scene. Solanki gets the global perspective on a current U.S. trend that features Community, Convenience and Affordability. Discover why mixed-use centers are hot properties in Australia. It’s the popular new suburban lifestyle: the neighborhood asset class! Neighborhood corner stores have done well because of the pandemic. Supermarkets sharing a center with fresh food, discounts, salons, nails, bakeries, coffee shops and food outlets — all close to home.

Now, Ingenious physical changes are taking place in retail stores across Canada. How has the internet shown them the way? Jane Domenico, Senior Vice President, National Lead, Retail Services, describes how Canada-based Shopify is driving retail space change throughout Canada. She also shares amazing news on retail vacancy in Canada — stores converting to micro-distribution centers.

All in all, the global economy continues to recover from pandemic-related setbacks and individual countries have endured their own trauma as well as revival. London retailers suffered a cost of business double-whammy: painfully high shipping costs coupled with a labor shortage brought on by Brexit. But it’s not all bad news. Who knew there’d be opportunity in the in the sweats we wore during the lockdowns? Now that offices are opening again, learn which Canadian brand is making a splash by bringing comfort clothing to the conference room. Your closet will thank you.

Listen to the full webinar here or below.