Property managers have always been jacks-of-all-trades. But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic sparked significant changes in commercial real estate, REMS (Real Estate Management Services) professionals have been working through an accelerated evolution that will carry us all into the future. More than ever, they’re assisting landlords and tenants in meeting today’s demands with action, innovation and a forward-looking mindset. In this podcast, you’ll learn how REMS, a CRE field that’s always seemed to change on a daily basis, is now rocketing into 2022 with services and products that were science fiction only yesterday.

Restaurants, retail and more are combined in a one-touch app that provides instant access to any building’s amenities. REMS’ tech-forward solutions like this are making unprecedented services and products the new standard. How about buying a chic virtual handbag from Gucci? Of course, with every innovation comes opportunity and challenges. The Great Resignation has brought headaches for employers. Don’t miss our guest’s Top 3 Tips for better employee retention in pandemic times.

Keep up with this rapidly evolving world by listening as host Anjee Solanki talks with Karen Whitt, Colliers’ President Real Estate Management Services, U.S., about what’s coming to REMS and what’s already being delivered to our doorsteps. Transformation is here. Are you ready? Tune in and find out!

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