Podcast | Retail: Recorded, Episode 14 | A Legal Take on Retail CRE

by | 23 March 2022

Retail Leases: A Lawyer’s View of 2022

The uncertainties of pandemic-related challenges have exposed startling legal ambiguities in retail leases — affecting both landlords and tenants — and lease language is adapting as a result. Are you prepared to lease spaces affected by changes in omnichannels, qualified gross sales, shifting tenant demands and more?

Host Anjee Solanki asks San Francisco-based legal expert Ken Valinoti Esq. about three leasing issues that are keeping her up at night:

  • What has been happening with force majeure? Ken describes how this formerly neglected clause may be redefined.
  • Internet sales affect business in so many ways, including demand delivery purchases and onsite pickups. How can landlords argue for accurate gross sales numbers? Ken explains some recent examples.
  • In uncertain times, how can tenants sign a lease with confidence? Ken’s insights into the changing legal landscape explains what’s arriving in contracts negotiated between retailers and landlords.

If you’re entering into lease negotiations without legal counsel, you’ve just made your first big mistake. And if you miss this podcast, you’ll be making things worse. Tune in and learn what’s up in 2022 … for legal tactics that could affect you.

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