The neighborhood shopping mall just isn’t what it used to be. Such news could mean trouble for every community — or opportunity — depending on who’s involved. This drama of crossroads and choices is playing out across the country. America currently has too much space devoted to solely physical retail establishments. But that’s changing. And for many communities, the change is more than opportunity — it’s transformation.

Learn how creative redevelopment is happening in towns and cities from coast to coast with host Anjee Solanki as she speaks with her guests on the subjects of placemaking, repositioning and the future of American retail. Colliers Senior Vice President for Planning & Placemaking Russell Whitehead, Colliers Senior Consultant for Urban Planning and Placemaking Advisory Chris Kuno, and Colliers Vice President of US Retail Repositioning Todd Scheffler — three top industry experts — speak on the question of how, why and when to reimagine yesteryear’s shopping mall.

Consumer preferences have shifted while zoning laws are being changed, and now successful placemaking means creating true community hubs that are active at all hours of the day and year, not just during traditional shopping hours. Consumers want an integrated approach that creates a place, outside the home and office, where people can spend time, linger, socialize and spend money. The pressure is on to reimagine these centers into dynamic mixed-use places that serve multiple purposes and offer a variety of experiences. But expertise is required to do it right. Knowing the differences between placemaking and repositioning could mean the difference between accelerating success or diving into disaster. Listen, as these three experts explain how economically resilient redevelopment can breathe new life into that dying mall — transforming it into the fiercely beating heart of a refreshed and vibrant community.

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