It’s well known that the pandemic changed Retail, but the big question is: What’s next? Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks and other large retailers are evolving critical business strategies by watching trends and deploying extraordinary initiatives to future-proof their businesses. Yet, the future’s coming for every retailer. Do you know what strategies are crucial to consider? Listen now, as Joey Agree, President and Chief Operating Officer of Agree Realty, joins host Anjee Solanki to discuss retail development in today’s world and what could be coming next.

In uncertain times, fulfillment strategies can make or break your business. Joey shares how large retailers’ experiments with fulfillment methods will probably change all the rules. Learn about the risky difference between large retail chains with hundreds of stores and prominent online businesses with limited real-world sites. The answer may lie in a hybrid delivery model, depending on your business plan. One thing is clear: If Big Retail is toying with omni-channel modalities, you should know your fulfillment options. Don’t miss this important discussion on the choices we face, including the benefits and risks of any choice you make.

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