What Can I Say, TikTok Made Me Buy It!

by | 08 June 2023

Brands are catching on to the fact that video-first platforms like TikTok are the place to be, as video marketing has become one of the top sources for shopping inspiration. Ranking amongst the Big Five social media platforms, TikTok’s growth is anticipated to reach 834 million users this year, driven mainly by its creators’ candid, authentic, and personalized videos.

Unlike the traditional shopping funnel, TikTok uses an infinite loop to serve hyper-relevant, personalized content to its subscribers. Kat Duncan, Executive Director at Honeycomb Media, a digital marketing and social media management agency, attributes the success of social commerce on TikTok to its niche social communities. “Viewers not only discover independent brands, but find a product they really need, or want, that feels tailor-made to them.”

According to QuickFrame by MNTN and Digiday, 33% of agencies and brands surveyed said that user-generated content (UGC) is the most effective approach for campaign success. Gen-Z, more than any other age segment, will likely engage with UGC-style ads because it feels like it’s coming from someone just like them. In addition, most young viewers find video content on TikTok “real and valuable” compared to other platforms, including Google searches. So, if you’re a fashion or beauty brand trying to target Gen-Z and their parents’ purse strings, UGC is the way to go.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

The number of U.S. TikTok buyers grew by 72.3% this year to 23.7 million in 2022. As social commerce continues to extend its reach to a broader audience, its effectiveness will largely depend on the individual platform’s marketing strategy. Luckily TikTok’s search feature seamlessly integrates an in-app shopping function that sources product-related features and tutorial videos to help consumers on their purchase journey.

From hyper-femme skincare routines to Botox alternatives TikTok is the go-to source for discovering emerging beauty trends and creative tips. The beauty industry is expected to reach a valuation of $571.1 billion by the close of 2023. The surge in the sector is attributed to the influence of TikTok, which has introduced novel trends and boosted the reach of influencers.

The dewy complexion lauded by the “Emily in Paris” cast inspired a French vs. American beauty trend on TikTok with the environmentally-friendly natural skincare line by Typology praised for its lightness and au natural appeal. Fans from Reddit love the hyaluronic acid toner for its hydrating properties and the serum for its “visible improvements in skin softness.”

Erin, a young mother in New Hampshire, loves following dermatologists on TikTok to find out what to use vs. what not to use and appreciates seeing the value of “high” vs. “low” makeup comparisons between drugstore beauty counter buys and high-profile brands.

One of the unique testaments to TikTok’s influence is the intense user reaction to legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s new beauty line, Jones Road Beauty. Launched at the pandemic’s start, The Miracle Balm was touted as a one-and-done multi-purpose beauty product. Brown’s brand video encourages consumers to test the product, saying, “If you understand it and know how to use it, it will be a game changer to your beauty routine.”

So there you have it, TikTok’s experiential content creates meaningful and memorable consumer interactions. And with more than 2.5 billion user stories shared on social media daily, there’s much room for brands to get creative.

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