You probably thought to yourself when reading the title of this post, “Well, duh!” But in the past, I have been met with an eye-roll or snicker when touting the importance of a significant online presence for commercial real estate professionals.

Today, many will argue the merits of digital strategies as important tools in marketing both commercial property and real estate services, but to date there has not been a ton of research or empirical data that clearly understands the role the Internet plays in commercial real estate.

Google and LoopNet recently released the results of their joint study: Commercial Real Estate Consumer Online Behavior and Trends. The study, which aims to understand the role the Internet plays in commercial real estate, leverages Google’s proprietary online search data and custom research conducted on LoopNet’s behalf in 2014 by Market Connections, an independent research firm, to survey and analyze the behaviors of tenants and investors currently involved in a commercial property search and who were recently involved in a transaction.

Some key findings from the study:

My Research and Findings

I don’t have any stats. I just know my phone rings all the time. Some are users looking for real estate, and some are owners looking for someone to help lease or sell their real estate. Sometimes they have brokers, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they hire me, and many are finding me online. How do I know? I ask! I like that my phone rings all the time, but maybe you would rather be cold calling?

View the full study from Google and LoopNet here.

Coy Davidson is Senior Vice President of Colliers International in Houston. He publishes The Tenant Advisor blog.