With the “uberization” of entire industries and companies such as Amazon re-engineering logistics, it’s easy to forget that innovation isn’t the sole domain of start-up tech companies. Well-established companies such as Domino’s continue to innovate with new products, cutting-edge technology, and a new store design.

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At the age of 56, Domino’s is just getting started when it comes to changing how consumers eat pizza. In 2014 the company tore down its walls and introduced its pizza theater concept, which allows diners to peer inside of the kitchen to see dough-tossing pizza makers and watch their pizzas take shape before their eyes. And on the other side of the counter, Domino’s is delivering an even better customer experience by creating larger lobbies and adding more seating.

“Our business model changed, and so has our real estate,” says Steve Clough, Domino’s director of franchise development. “Ten years ago, our carryout business was less than 10 percent. Today, it’s 40 percent, averaging more than 20,000 carryout orders annually per store. This means more foot traffic for Domino’s and more foot traffic for everyone in the retail center.”

On the delivery end of the business, Domino’s consistently ranks as one of the top five companies in terms of online sales—50 percent of the company’s sales are now digital. But the experience doesn’t stop at the checkout; it extends across the entire experience. Once customers order their pizza they can track it online through a variety of digital systems including their smartphones, Apple Watch, Twitter, text message—even in their car!

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