Companies are more focused than ever about attracting and retaining great talent. That’s why so many organizations are stepping up to the plate to offer their employees work perks to die for.

And if we’re talking work perks, there’s no more obvious a benefit employers provide than a cool office. A great work space, after all, does more than just maximize productivity. Cool offices nourish psyches: They make you feel good about coming in to work and spending upwards of eight hours a day with your colleagues.

Really cool offices are often wonders of architecture and design. They serve as sources of pride for employees and advance their organizations’ distinct brands. And they serve as really effective recruiting tools for increasingly savvy job-seekers.

Thanks to the folks Inc., you can check out some incredibly cool office spaces from around the globe. From Google to Uber, companies are changing the game with their office designs as much as they are in their respective industries.

For instance, this space from Lumosity’s office in San Francisco looks more like a hip pub than a work space.

And one glance at the whimsical front desk of Lyft’s headquarters in San Francisco is all you need to get a sense of the company’s culture and values.

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