Stacey Magee, director and head of the industrial sector for real investment manager Clarion Partners, never planned to make a career out of industrial real estate, but she found it to be both interesting and rewarding. We interview Stacy Magee for the article “Industrious” in the Winter 2016 edition of Knowledge Leader; here’s a sneak peek.

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Near the beginning of Stacy Magee’s tenure in the workforce, she took a summer job in a Trammell Crow office, expecting to head back to school for an MBA in the fall. That was thirty years ago. After an acquisition of her Trammell Crow office by ING Clarion and a spinoff of Clarion from ING, she still works in industrial real estate daily—and that’s in large part because of the adaptability and potential of the industrial sector have never ceased to excite her.

Stacy Magee, Clarion Partners Director

Stacey-Magee-300x300“That’s the one thing I really like about industrial, it stays relevant,” Magee says. “Even in the downturn, sure we were all hit, but industrial fares a little bit better; you can react a little more quickly. You can turn off the spigot faster. When we see signs of a downturn in industrial, we can turn off construction much faster than you can in say an office building,” Magee says. “It’s a very stable asset class.”

Right now, the spigot is very much on, Magee says.  “This is a great time to be in the industrial business,” she enthuses. “All the leading indicators are very positive. Availability rates are in single digits, probably the lowest since 2007, and demand continues to outpace supply.”

Magee also likes working with companies that share Clarion’s values and attention to the market. Colliers International has partnered with Clarion Industrial since 2011, and the Winter 2016 issue of Knowledge Leader dives into why the relationship has been a success for both parties. To see how culture aligns with commerce in Magee’s day-to-day operations of Clarion Industrial, download the Winter 2016 issue today.