Nowhere else in the United States is the demand for final-mile distribution facilities more evident than in the Tri-State region, particularly along the New Jersey Turnpike Corridor. Surrounded by more than 61 million people within 250 miles of its core, the industrial markets near the New Jersey Turnpike (the Turnpike) services the largest population concentration in the country. No other market in the country has the ability to reach as many people with same-day delivery as this one, giving e-commerce occupiers a major opportunity while at the same time a major challenge in finding the right inventory to service this population.

The market can reach so many consumers that many occupiers are now focusing more on the opportunity cost of not locating within the market, how much potential sales and opportunity will they lose by not occupying a final-mile facility, rather than the actual cost of renting a final-mile facility. Brokers report that for every four occupiers looking for final-mile space in the region, there is only one location available.

Key takeaways:

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