Quarterly Retail Spotlight Report | Fall 2018

by | 04 October 2018

What’s Driving the Click and Collect Movement?

Consumers are excitedly embracing their 24/7 shopping superpower and it continues to become even more convenient and speedy! Click and collect is just another way to capture those seeking to have their purchases immediately — it’s a growing market and retailers are embracing how it’s done. Think of Walmart’s new TV ads and the drive-through pick up model for purchases made online. And landlords need to embrace these changes as the retail experience evolves.

“Landlords are embracing click and collect as technology is changing the shopping environment. We are supportive of initiatives that will enhance the customer experience and make our retailers successful long-term, but we must always consider the needs and restrictions of all of our tenants when considering possible pick-up locations.” -Perry Chudnoff, Invesco

The popularity will continue blending the in-store and digital experience. More recently, we have seen digital assistants such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Home Pod devices becoming the go-to for grocery and household purchases. As Google calls it, ‘Shopping Actions’ allows you to buy what you want when you want, handsfree.

It’s safe to assume that the retail revolution is underway. Fueled by innovation and inspiration from some unlikely places, brands are stepping up to capture consumers’ attention every which way.

With all the activity, are we seeing an increase in retail spend in certain categories based on the ease of ordering? Are retailers adapting to the demand? We know one thing; immediate gratification is here to stay.

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Consumers are using more retailers than they did both last quarter and last year. Elevated levels of shopping and higher levels of spending mean that people are now visiting more stores both to browse and to buy.
  • Stores are playing more of a role in online purchases. As online continues to grow, the number of consumers who are picking up online purchases in store is increasing rapidly.
  • The majority of consumers who pickup online orders from shops go on to make additional purchases when in the store. With the number of people using click and collect services increasing, this benefit will also grow over the next few years.
  • Beauty continues to be the highest growth sector, fueled by a number of favorable trends, including an ageing population and strong retailers like Sephora and Ulta.
  • The vast majority of consumers will spend more this holiday season. Thanks to higher consumer confidence and a robust economy, this holiday season looks like it will be a good one for retailers.

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