In our latest episode of Retail Independent: Conversations with Saira, we learn the backstory of QSR Curry Up Now as told by their “Chief Troublemaker” (Founder and CEO) Akash Kapoor. With a national footprint of more than a dozen locations and counting, the chain has grown quite the following since 2009 by offering Indian street food in a fast casual setting with restaurants, food trucks, catering services and a Mortar & Pestle bar.

During this 6-minute episode, Kapoor shares how his team has used data to scale up from their home base in the Bay Area, what their evolution from food truck to brick-and-mortar looked like, the importance of sustainability in their business model and how their target market is a “10-year-old kid who doesn’t want to eat off of a kids menu.”

Last, he shared with us his favorite item from his menu: the deconstructed samosa. Other favorites from their PG-13 menu that didn’t make the final edit include: “Sexy Fries” – Indian-inspired poutine – and “Hot Balls on Ice” – where classic gulab jamun meets vanilla ice cream. Best not to listen to this one with an empty stomach.