Be prepared! Spring cleaning is in the air and a perfect time to formulate a practical plan for landscaping, improvements, and HVAC maintenance to make your commercial property the best possible building for potential tenants and buyers. The Colliers Real Estate Management Services team (REMS) can handle your commercial property management for spring with these five property maintenance tips in this updated guide.

1. How to Assess Commercial Property Safety Concerns

Safety is always of the utmost importance. It is imperative to keep your commercial property as safe as possible for all tenants and visitors. Your property should be assessed for any possible damages which may have occurred over the winter months. Heavy snowfall or ice can damage plants, flowerbeds, parking blocks, or signage on your property, so it is best to get those things taken care of first to maximize curb appeal to potential tenants of any commercial property in any area.

Colliers Insight
Carter Sapp
“Asphalt repairs due to winter weather should be top of the spring property management list to avoid tenant/visitor vehicle damage to maintain the appearance.”

Asphalt repairs due to winter weather should be top of the spring property management list to avoid tenant/visitor vehicle damage to maintain the appearance. Have the parking lots, adjacent walkways, and other areas professionally cleared and power vacuumed to remove all remnants of winter salt and grime. Make sure to review conditions as well as wheelchair ramps, lifts, and exterior lighting to eliminate potential safety issues. Snowplows can possibly damage parking lots, blocks, and signage which can easily turn into another safety concern. Fresh line striping should also be considered at a minimum every three years.

2. Maintaining Your Commercial Property’s Landscaping

A well-crafted landscape from a maintenance company will make your property stand out and also bring property owners a higher return on investments. A property’s landscaping should look as close to perfect as possible because it is the first thing potential buyers or tenants see. You only get one chance to impress a client.

Make your commercial property look significantly better by picking up fallen limbs and leaves caused by winter winds. Add even more curb appeal to your property by pruning perennials and preparing for new flowers and fresh mulch.

Ensure proper pruning to safe heights and make sure to check trees, shrubs and flowerbeds for winter burn or disease. Plan to repair any damage made to your turf in high-traffic areas or areas which may have suffered from any type of disease. Diseased plants can spread their disease to other plants and easily destroy a large area very quickly.

3. Increase Curbside Appeal by Fertilizing and Maintaining Landscape Beds

Increase your commercial property’s curbside appeal by edging, clearing weeds, and applying a fresh layer of mulch each spring to produce an outstanding curbside look. Winter causes mulch to break down and summer sun fades its color, so adding new mulch gives beds a much cleaner look which accents flowers and plants.

Plants require different fertilizers at various times during the year. Give plants and shrubs a good feeding and use pre-emergent herbicide to put a stop to stubborn grassy weeds. Paired with new mulch, your landscaping is well on its way to becoming quite beautiful.

4. How to Tune Up Your Irrigation System

Checking on your irrigation systems before turning them on for the season after winter can help you avoid a multitude of problems. Make sure you check valves, assess the system for wearing down, remove obstructions such as dirt from sprinkler heads, and check the water pressure. The transition time between seasons is the perfect time to address any improvements needed in your sprinkler system.

5. Scheduling Commercial HVAC Services

In addition to enhancing the landscaping on your commercial property, a properly tuned-up central air conditioner will also help strengthen your readiness for the hot and humid spring and summer months. A well-maintained HVAC system can improve energy efficiency, cut electric bills, and improve the quality of indoor air.

Commercial HVAC systems must consistently and reliably provide heating and cooling for a potentially large space without experiencing considerable downtime. Arrange to have your system serviced by a knowledgeable HVAC professional every fall and spring. HVAC servicing certifies your cooling equipment is in good working order when it is needed most.