Top 10 NFL Teams by Office Market

by | 21 September 2015

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of football season. Fans are ready to cheer on their favorite team, analysts have made their predictions and players are focused on the possibilities of a new season. We decided to jump on the football bandwagon by creating our own ranking of NFL teams. This time, however, we used commercial real estate data to figure out which team is No. 1.

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Just how did we rank NFL teams according to commercial real estate? We looked at the cities of every NFL franchise from both the AFC and NFC and ranked them by YTD absorption of office space in their respective metropolitan areas. The information we compiled came from Colliers International and CoStar data.

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Here are some key takeaways:

  • Metropolitan areas with a large base square footage were higher on the list.
  • Dallas topped our list with 3,611,795 SF YTD absorption.
  • St. Louis came in absolute last place at No. 33 with 472,681 SF YTD absorption.
  • NFC and AFC were represented equally in the top 10.
  • The NFC East and AFC West divisions placed the most teams in our top 10.

Here’s the list of our Top 10 NFL teams by office absorption:

1. Dallas Cowboys (Dallas, Texas), NFC East

Office YTD Absorption: 3,611,795 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 10.94%

               Office Vacancy: 15.22%

2. Atlanta Falcons (Atlanta, Ga.), NFC South

Office YTD Absorption: 2,509,292 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 7.60%

               Office Vacancy: 14.70%

3. New England Patriots (Boston, Mass.), AFC East

Office YTD Absorption: 1,545,928 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 4.68%

               Office Vacancy: 14.33%

4. Detroit Lions (Detroit, Mich.), NFC North

Office YTD Absorption: 1,484,136 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 7.87%

               Office Vacancy: 14.60%

5. Philadelphia Eagles (Philadelphia, Pa.), NFC East

Office YTD Absorption: 1,349,086 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 4.09%

Office Vacancy: 12.61%

6. San Francisco 49ers (San Francisco, Calif.), NFC West

Office YTD Absorption: 1,208,805 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 3.66%

               Office Vacancy: 6.32%

7. Cincinnati Bengals (Cincinnati, Ohio), AFC North

Office YTD Absorption: 1,115,823 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 3.38%

               Office Vacancy: 15.55%

8. Tennessee Titans (Nashville, Tenn.), AFC South

Office YTD Absorption: 804,016 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 2.44%

               Office Vacancy: 5.89%

9. Oakland Raiders (Oakland, Calif.), AFC West

Office YTD Absorption: 743,198 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 2.25%

               Office Vacancy: 10.19%

10. San Diego Chargers (San Diego, Calif.), AFC West

Office YTD Absorption: 738,216 SF

Office % YTD Absorption: 2.24%

               Office Vacancy: 12.16%

Dan is a third-year undergraduate student currently working as a Research Analyst for Colliers International in Boston. He is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Political Science at Northeastern University.