Future of Food: How Ghost Kitchens are Changing the Food Landscape

As highlighted in Colliers’ Winter 2019 Retail Spotlight Report, retail stores are not alone in reinventing themselves. Restaurants are also looking at what’s working and what needs to be changed based on consumers’ shifting habits. The localized physical space of a brick-and-mortar store contributes to the overall experience a consumer has with a brand. An increasing number of restaurants are considering the virtual kitchen model, as delivery, catering and carryout are growing in popularity and revenue share.

The report also highlights our interview with Stephen O’Brien of Fooda, a workplace food service operator providing restaurant-based meal services to office buildings. With the trend of many full and quick-service restaurants drifting away from in-dining to meet the supply and demand for delivery, Fooda creates pop-up experiences with local restaurants, leveraging traditional and ghost kitchens to curate satellite mobile dining solutions.

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