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Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson

Manager, National Retail Research

As the National Research Manager for Retail Services, Nicole is responsible for studying conditions within the retail sector, collecting, and reporting statistical data, and analyzing the data to identify significant trends and opportunities. Based in South Florida, she partners with national and local teams across the United States to deliver market intelligence initiatives to drive national competitive advantage through research strategy, development, and analytics. Enthusiastic about exploring the dynamic realms of the retail industry, she enjoys continual learning, seamlessly blending curiosity, and enjoyment in every pursuit.

Latest articles

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Discover how the U.S. retail market shows resilience in early 2024, navigating economic challenges, limited space, and rising costs, with store openings outpacing closures by 20%.
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Social commerce is revolutionizing online shopping by merging e-commerce with social media. As Americans spend over 2 hours daily on social platforms, this trend enables users to discover, engage with, and purchase products within their apps.
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The Foot Traffic Rebound: A Temporary Blip or a Lasting Trend?
Explore Colliers' Nicole Larson's insights on the 2023 increase in foot traffic across various sectors, highlighting the role of accessibility and the shift towards walkable, amenity-rich urban spaces in enhancing customer satisfaction and business.
A Swiftie Super Bowl: Uniting Sports, Music, and Consumer Culture
A study of 300 U.S. retail store associates reveals that 100% of respondents said Taylor Swift has impacted sales at their physical stores, including purchases influenced by her as a brand as well as her music, movies, and concerts.
Consumer Spending Ends the Year on a Sturdy Note | U.S. Retail Q4 2023
Overall, 2023 was a good year for retail, and the much-talked-about recession never materialized. Retail fundamentals are expected to stay well-balanced in 2024, as the limited availability and decrease in new supply will help to counteract a slight
2024 Retail Outlook
Colliers' Nicole Larson, National Manager of Retail Research, explores retail's 2023 year-in review and 2024 trends to watch, and provides a national retail forecast.
Season’s Earnings: A Recap of the 2023 Holiday Sales
Explore the nuanced shifts in U.S. holiday shopping trends in 2023, as Colliers' Nicole Larson analyzes the impact of economic factors on retail sales, with insights into how omnichannel strategies and consumer behavior adaptations.
ICSC New York 2023 Recap
The ICSC conference returned to New York this December. Here is what Colliers heard over the two days of events from dealmakers and experts who are driving innovation and evolution in the retail industry.
2023 Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Results: Anticipating a 3.1% Holiday Spending Boost
Explore this year's Thanksgiving shopping trends: a record-breaking participation of over 750,000 individuals and $77.5 billion in sales. Despite e-commerce growth, traditional in-store shopping still reigns supreme.
The Christmas Creep: Consumers Continue the Trend of Early Holiday Shopping
Six weeks ahead of the traditional holiday shopping season, retailers already kicked off and extended their promotions and sales to capture early-bird shoppers. Some retailers started the shopping holiday season with promotions beginning of October.
Sustained Consumer Interest Drives Retail Momentum Upward | U.S. Retail Q3 2023
Discover the surprising resilience of the U.S. retail market in 2023. Despite economic concerns, steady demand from diverse sectors and reduced store closures have bolstered the industry.