Patrich Jett, SIOR – Senior Vice President, Automotive Practice Group Leader
Monty Turner – Senior Vice President, Principal Site Selection Services, Economic Incentives Practice Group Leader
Jonathan Koes – Research Manager

As Electric Vehicle (EV), battery, and subsequent supplier projects continue on an upward trajectory, the importance of strategic site selection has never been more critical, especially now as competition intensifies. As this landscape evolves, so too must our approaches to supporting the growth and sustainability of these critical ventures.

With a competitive landscape marked by increasing participation from major automakers and a consumer base moving towards electric mobility, companies venturing into this domain must navigate a complex array of considerations to ensure the success and sustainability of their operations. The physical location of a manufacturing operation and the overall success of the business venture has never been so pronounced.

At Colliers, particularly within our Automotive Practice Group based in Detroit and our Site Selection practice based in Atlanta, we pride ourselves on partnering closely with our automotive clients to navigate this dynamic terrain. Our mission is to go beyond traditional real estate services, offering a blend of local and global insights, expertise, and strategic foresight that positions our clients for optimal results in location strategy and beyond.

This white paper delves into the key factors influencing site selection — labor availability, quality and cost, heavy power and utility requirements, site availability and readiness, supply chain, and the leveraging of incentives, to name a few. Further, it outlines how Colliers’ real estate services and deep understanding of the automotive and battery sectors can guide companies through this pivotal process, ensuring a strategic fit for their operational needs and long-term growth objectives. This is not meant to be an all-encompassing view, but rather a look at the significant drivers of the site selection process for EV, battery, and subsequent supplier industry.

The Cornerstones of Strategic Site Selection

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