Over the last three years, we’ve all faced uncertainties and disruptions, and one common theme has stood out – change. The ability to adapt to an evolving environment has been key, especially for those in corporate real estate. One group leading the way through this transformative landscape is Colliers’ Tenant Advisory Council (TAC). TAC is made up of experienced advisors, within Colliers globally, who bring a unique perspective on supporting clients in today’s dynamic scenarios. To dive deeper into this group and its functions, we had a chat with Sheena Gohil, the leader of TAC at Colliers.

Q: What is Colliers’ Tenant Advisory Council?

A (Sheena): Colliers’ Tenant Advisory Council (TAC) embodies excellence in tenant representation, leveraging a team of top-performing broker advisors dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and results for clients across the world, particularly focusing on multi-market corporate occupiers. Comprised of approximately 100 members across over 50 cities globally, TAC operates with a mission to:

With a track record of proven accomplishments in tenant representation, TAC delivers not just experience and counsel but a commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Q: How does TAC offer support to clients?

A (Sheena): TAC operates as an internal resource network for our top advisors, guiding clients on best practices in today’s market. Through collaboration, our members leverage insights and expertise, to help clients navigate through unique business challenges, within local marketplaces. . We emphasize a global resource platform, deep local market research, strategic methods, and customized solutions aligned with core business strategies.  Knowing the nuanced trends happening in market is critical for our advisors to help business develop confidence in decision making in an ever changing real estate landscape.

Recently, our group convened for our Annual Event in Miami, providing a valuable platform for networking and insightful programming. You can check out the key takeaways from it here.

Q: What sets Colliers’ approach to tenant advisory services apart from other real estate firms?

A (Sheena): TAC is one place where Colliers’ entrepreneurial spirit is on full display. TAC serves as the canvas where connections naturally unfold, enabling us to build trusted relationships. The significance of personal connections cannot be overstated, as they lay the foundation for alignment and pave the way for delivering better outcomes for our clients.

Q: What would you say are the biggest real estate challenges facing tenants in today’s market?

A (Sheena): This falls into the realm of the three C’s: Certainty (or the lack thereof), Change, and Complexity. Certainty involves dealing with ongoing impacts from macroeconomic events, necessitating the need to future-proof strategies. Change encompasses shifts in workplace styles and the evolving value proposition of office spaces. Complexity entails navigating new constraints and strategizing for an uncertain future. The key challenge lies in crafting real estate strategies that embrace agility—a challenge that also presents a significant opportunity for those adept at navigating the three Cs.