The Winning Retail Strategy

by | 12 October 2016

Despite the convenience of ecommerce, today’s shoppers still want to kick the tires, touch the products, and try on the clothes and shoes before they buy. Consumers are drawn to the marketplace. They still enjoy the physical experience of shopping.

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What Makes a Good Tenant Rep?

by | 11 October 2016

When done correctly, tenant representation isn’t a one-and-done transaction. Building strong relationships and understanding the big picture creates a bond between you and your tenant rep; and when a tenant rep understands your brand and direction,

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All The World’s A … Pokémon Gym?

by | 10 August 2016

Barely more than a month old, retailers are already clamoring to cash in on the phenomenon and convert foot traffic into paying customers. Being prepared for errant trainers wandering around properties you manage can mean the difference between a

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