As we reflect on the last year in retail — disruption, innovation, and change in the CRE space — all major influences that continue to impact tenants, landlords and citizens. The team is ramping up our content calendar, and as we contemplate all that 2020 has in store for the retail industry, we want to take a moment to revisit some of our most popular articles from 2019.

Thrifting, the Latest Disruption in Fashion Retail

Our deep dive into the resale market’s disruption of traditional retail followed the consumer trend for purchasing secondhand goods. Outdoor apparel brands like Patagonia and REI have joined Eileen Fisher and others in launching worn wear shops that sell their brands secondhand, tapping into the lifetime value of their customer base. Retailers have diligently added resale to their omnichannel strategies, working with third-party logistics startups to establish reverse supply chains to support their re-commerce business.

China Holds Key to the Future of Retail

Earlier this year, we learned first-hand from Erica Matthews, who is head of Corporate Relations at Alibaba, about the company’s new retail strategy. aims to completely digitize the consumer commerce experience, with a 2020 vision to expand its international reach cross-border, starting with the U.S. market.

Revitalizing Retail Recruitment

As we reported in the spring, retailers struggled with hiring seasonal workers in 2019 and quickly stepped up their game to attract a new set of candidates. Companies like Gap and Target have taken strategic measures to engage existing staff for overtime and refresh recruitment strategies. And Target, in particular, has made bold moves to convert 40% of its holiday fulfillment staff into full-time positions.

A Deep Dive into Emerging CBD Retailers

Over the last year, we’ve seen an influx of CBD retailers enter the marketplace amidst the legalization of hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states. In our summer retail report, we highlighted trusted brands like Green Growth Brands and its CBD-infused personal care products, Lord Jones tinctures and Cannuka honey products. Several luxury brands have also emerged, including The 420 Store, which sells premium CBD products in NYC’s Soho district.

Retailers Going Green for Good

Fashion and retail brands are slowly moving the needle toward supporting a circular economy. Last summer, 32 retail companies signed a fashion pact to reduce carbon emissions and increase their sustainability practices. The omnipresence of plastic in our ocean has inspired eight states and a handful of countries to ban single-use plastic bags and, to a lesser extent, plastic straws.

And that’s a wrap of our 2019 content highlights. Thank you for engaging with the Knowledge Leader blog and for joining in on the retail conversation. I look forward to bringing more insights into the global retail market and continuing our dialogue across social media channels.

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