The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a wide range of impact on political, social and economic infrastructure. Within the Canadian commercial real estate (CRE) sector, investors, landlords and occupiers are all assessing impacts, adjusting operations, and building and executing contingency plans to support their people and their businesses. The severity of COVID-19 on the Canadian market is not yet known, as the situation continues to unfold, and forecasts are continuously adjusting. Within the short-term, the immediate health and safety of the public is of utmost importance. It’s unclear how long the spread of COVID-19 will last but the longer its time frame extends, the higher a priority it becomes for businesses to mitigate economic impact. With this in mind, we take a quick look at five sectors in the Canadian CRE space to assess the impact of COVID-19 and how key considerations for decisions can help these sectors through this changing climate.

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