Want to meet a real-life ghost while you’re out shopping for your own ghoulish costume this Halloween? Well, you’ll want to check out this nifty list of haunted retail venues where you can get the scare of their lives (depending, of course, on how you feel about paranormal activity).

It turns out that, in some corners of America, you can get a fright in the malls, shops and stores you visit every day. In some cases, a shopping center was built over a reputed grave or even sacred ground. In another, a store was the site of a tragic end to grisly tale of love-gone-wrong. Whatever the lore, these retail venues have over time become unwitting hosts to ghosts and other haunted spirits who from time to time assert themselves to unsuspecting (but quickly believing) visitors.

Thanks to Susan Piperato of NREI, you can check out some stores, shopping malls and little shops across America where you’re likely to run into some spirits of the dead.

For instance, many visitors to Seattle expect to encounter flying fish when they head to Pike Place Market. But they probably don’t count on running into the ghost of an elderly woman, who’s frequently seen wandering the complex at night.


At the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, Calif., employees frequently discover a little boy, dressed like he was out of the 1930s, wandering among the stores and escalators.


Apparent tragedy hit this Kmart in South Los Angeles back when it was still a Zody’s store. As the story goes, a jilted boyfriend made a young couple meet a grisly end. Now, four spirits are said to roam the building.


As for this Walmart in Oxnard, Calif., workers at night are said to have run into a little girl in a blue dress and with two pigtail braids. It is believed she met a tragic end at the very location the store was built.


Not spooked enough? See the full list of “Haunted Retail Venues” from NREI. And then next time you’re out shopping, expect the unexpected!