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Bret Swango, CFA

Bret Swango, CFA

Senior Vice President, Workforce Analytics & Location Strategy

Bret leads the Location Intelligence & Workforce Analytics teams in the Americas. He has a depth of operational strategy and corporate finance experience which he leverages to transform data into insight to inform quantitatively defensible business decisions for tenants, landlords, investors and developers. In this time of accelerating change, he and his team are using analytics to transform uncertainty into alpha.

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As the last part of this series, Colliers' Bret Swango delves into the implications of reshoring and some critical considerations to help corporations and investors strategically position themselves for success in this era of deglobalization.
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We explore interplay between the skillsets that will be needed to enable complex manufacturing here in the U.S.
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We explore the inherent challenges within the global supply chain sector while examining the actions of some of the world’s largest supply chains, COVID-19’s impact, as well as the costs and benefits of manufacturing in China.
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