Hotels, the lynchpin of South Florida’s vital tourism sector, have prospered since the financial crisis 10 years ago.
Over the last few years, hotels have found a formidable competitor in short-term rentals (STR), such as Airbnb.
Now, the market disruption spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented threat to hotels, with
STRs looking to gain broader market share in the region. Understanding this dynamic is key to finding a path to
success for hotels as they navigate the ongoing crisis.

For insights into how COVID-19 is impacting the South Florida hotel sector as well as national trends to look out for, download the full whitepaper here.

About the Authors:

Rich Lillis is a leading expert providing strategic advisory services to clients on hotel and resort investment sales and financing in Florida, the Eastern U.S. and the Caribbean. In his role as director of Colliers Hotels USA, Rich leads a nationwide team of lodging specialists, leveraging unique industry insights and sharing best practices to deliver great results for clients.

Warren Weiser, vice chairman, Capital Markets | Florida, oversees a full spectrum of Colliers services including real estate investment sales, capital market transactions and development activities.