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Fall 2016

Trendsetters: What's New and What's Ahead?

The way we work is changing—from how people source jobs to where companies relocate. In our Fall 2016 issue of Knowledge Leader, we delve into these trends and take a look at how they are impacting commercial space.

In our cover feature, “What’s All the Talk About?,” Urban Land Institute Foundation President and CEO Kathleen Carey discusses various movements to watch in the world of real estate, including companies relocating to follow the talent and the decreasing need for parking.

Also in the Fall 2016 edition:

  • A look at how the industrial and retail property sectors have found common ground
  • Thoughts from Fundrise’s Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Jenkins, on using crowdfunding to source capital for significant real estate projects
  • Steve Gupta of Toronto’s Gupta Group explains the rise of office condos, an asset class in which his firm specializes
  • A “tour” of 18-hour cities—former 9-to-5 areas that have transformed into business hubs
  • Colliers Chief Economist Andrew Nelson on how the gig economy affects our use of office space

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