We love numbers and digging into how they tell a story. Below are a selected set of numbers we’re closely monitoring to see how they contribute to the Greater Boston or Massachusetts state economy, and in turn, the health and performance of commercial real estate. 

17.4% Unemployment rate in Massachusetts in June. 

460% Increase in passenger volume at Logan Airport from April to June. 

1,058-plus Hotel rooms rented by colleges/universities to house students and faculty. 

28.6% Occupancy of Metro Boston hotel rooms, per STR. 

138,000+ Number of students typically coming to Boston in the fall. 

September 16 Date schools must begin instruction, per the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

948,828 Students enrolled in Massachusetts for the 20192020 school year. 

6070% Share of pre-COVID-19 vehicle miles now traveled in counties across the state, save for Suffolk County (30%–40%), per Mass DOT. 

-88% Decline in T revenue in late June from the year prior, per MBTA. 

14 Number of Massachusetts companies planning to offer an IPO in 2020, per Crunchbase 

4 Number of IPOs in July, per the same source. 

$6.53 billion Amount of VC funding to Massachusetts life science companies YTD, per Crunchbase, almost equaling the $6.55 billion in all of 2019. 

0 Number of major underconstruction projects that have stopped.