Disruption 2020: Numbers We Are Watching Part 2

by | 02 June 2020

We love numbers and digging into how they tell a story. Below are a selected set of numbers we are closely monitoring as they contribute to the Greater Boston, or Massachusetts state economy, and in turn, the health and performance of commercial real estate. 

  • 17.4 Percent unemployment rate in Massachusetts in June. 
  • 460% Increase in passenger volume at Logan Airport from April to June. 
  • 1,058+ Hotel rooms being rented by colleges/universities to house students and faculty. 
  • 138,000+/- Number of students that typically come to Boston in the fall. 
  • September 16 Date schools must begin instruction, per the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 
  • 948,828 Students enrolled in Massachusetts for the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • 60-70 Percent of pre-COVID-19 vehicle miles traveled in counties across the state save for Suffolk County (30-40%), per Mass DOT. 
  • -88 Percent decline in T revenue in late June from the year prior, per MBTA. 
  • 14 Number of Massachusetts companies to IPO in 2020, per Crunchbase 
  • 4 Number of IPOs in July, per the same source. 
  • $6.53 billion Amount of VC funding to Massachusetts life science companies YTD, per CrunchbaseThere was $6.55 billion in all of 2019. 
  • 0 Number of major under construction projects that have stopped. 

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